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Who we are.

KP Immigration Services is a licensed immigration service based out of Vancouver, BC Canada. It was founded to provide solutions in regards to Canadian immigration procedures with integrity, responsibility and professionalism. We provide all types of immigration services to people wanting to immigrate to Canada.

Our mission is to make your Canadian dream a reality and have you integrated in the best country in the world. Whether you're looking to work, study or start a business.


With our knowledge and expertise, you can count on us for a smooth immigration process

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Why Choose Us?

Time & Cost Savings

Choosing the wrong category or even using the wrong - version of a form can lead to costly setbacks, extended processing times, entry delays, or refusal. 

Professional Guidance

At K.P.I.S. we eliminate the stress of understanding the regulations and dealing with government procedures. We guide you every step of the way.

In Depth Knowledge & Expertise

We can assist with arranging translation services, filling out forms, obtaining the appropriate permits and ensuring applications are submitted correctly.

Ethical Approach

At K.P.I.S. Canada we ensure that our approach is align with the immigration laws and regulations, ensuring excellent client satisfaction.





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